A Summer of Confidence: MERLIN’s “Code Blue"


International artist MERLIN declares this summer the Summer of Confidence in her new single "Code Blue." The upbeat dance track celebrates the beautiful chaos of a multidimensional woman. She makes no apology for her complexities and contradictions - she values herself and knows her worth, and no one will convince her otherwise.

"The phrase 'code blue' echoes throughout the entire track," says MERLIN. "It's not just the song title, it's the siren you hear in your head when you know something is off about a situation. When you're not confident in who you are, it's easy to ignore those red flags and
then convince yourself you're the reason things didn't work out. 'Code Blue' is a reminder to trust your gut, value your worth, and find the strength to say... it's not me, it's you."

"Code Blue" shows courage, fearlessness, and the impudence of self-respect. So this summer, take a note from MERLIN's playbook; dance off the cynics and find faith in your own fortitude.

All while listening to MERLIN's "Code Blue," out now:


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