DJ Deem - God: To The Sun (Album)


DJ Deem is back with a brand new release: God: To The Sun DJ Deem (born Kadeem Worsley) is a producer, artist and songwriter with a focus on creating original music that feels characterful and energetic. His sound is incredibly balanced and details, borrowing from influences as diverse as old-school hip-hop, and some modern influences, only to mention a few. His most recent studio release, God: To The Sun, is actually a fantastic example of the artist's amazing sonic variety. This song is well-produced as well, highlighting the fact that DJ Deem knows what he is doing in terms of recording and capturing nothing but the very best. DJ Deem is the perfect example of a recording artist who is utterly dedicated to his craft, and his amazing musicianship truly stands out when it comes to this release. 

God: To The Sun is catchy and upfront, yet so up-close and personal: not many artists can achieve this dualism so well, but it's so natural for DJ Deem! In addition to being an artist, DJ Deem is the founder CEO of Chase Your Dreams Entertainment and Dream Cooking, the latter of which combines his passion for the food industry. Dj Deem actually has a degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management, which he earned from Stratford University! Find out more about DJ Deem and listen to God: To The Sun. This release is currently available on some of the best digital streaming platforms, including Spotify.

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