Josh Christina Channels Elton John & Elvis Presley in New Single, "Old Piano"


Rock 'n' roll revivalist Josh Christina officially announced his newest single "Old Piano," set to release on August 14. The ballad, written from the perspective of a piano that's lived through many years worth of memories, features Christina's distinguished piano skills and soulful, strong vocals reminiscent of Elvis Presley and the ambiance of Elton John. The nostalgic mood and fantastic musicianship combined is sure to strike a chord in the hearts of listeners.

He is an old soul in a millennial's body and his natural talent goes far beyond his young age. Josh Christina was heavily influenced by the "greats" - Elvis, Elton, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry. "These guys are some of the greatest players, writers, vocalists and artists in music," says the Baltimore native. "I have learned a lot by watching performances of them. I hope I can bring as much to the stage as they have."

Josh Christina is already known for his top-notch, energetic on-stage performance and vibrant style on the keys. The young rock n roller has even performed on Ireland's national program - the world's second longest-running late-night talk show - The Late Late Show performing his very own "Rockabilly Saturday Night."

See Josh Christina "Old Piano" video here:

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