Spiegelmann - No More Lockdown (single)


With the catchy dance/pop track "No More Lockdown", the Berlin artist "Spiegelmann" certainly speaks not only to many people doomed to unemployment from the music and club industry and many other personally affected people from other industries from the heart. The government-critical earworm with the call to the Lockdown renouncement corresponds thereby recent demands of the high-ranking WHO special representative David Nabarro to the member states as far as possible to renounce Lockdowns. The reason are the thereby caused extreme collateral damages, which stand in no relation to the use. The artist explains that a recent comparison between Sweden and Germany also shows (sources inserted below) that lockdown measures are not effective or have little influence on the incidence of infection.

With all thoughts on the questioning content of the Corona measures, the songwriting and production of "No More Lockdown", however, did not fall by the wayside at all: Because the dance track produced with real instruments (electric guitar, electric bass) is not only driven by a rhythmic guitar/bass unison line in the verse, but also stands out with excellent harmony vocals! The chorus of the otherwise plain track thus gets a particularly catchy touch and becomes extremely memorable. A nice funky played rhythm guitar does the rest. The title was produced by the Berlin music producer Jörg Sieghart, who is also responsible for the now millionfold streamed "Gliffo" productions and whose music productions do not need to hide even from international competition, because the production standard in terms of mix and mastering is very high, the production overall very sophisticated of sound image. Make yourself an impression and follow the artist on Spotify or another streaming portal... a really excellently produced dance track!

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